GentleBirth Childbirth Education Classes

GentleBirth knows that a positive birth can look many different ways and that there is never a one-size-fits-all route.
Our workshop encourages people to be curious about the process by helping to explore common birth paths, our perception of pain, how to mentally and emotionally navigate options, the differences between interventions and solutions, comfort measures, individual preferences
and how to let those be known.
You will find yourself able to both navigate and handle
whatever path your birth takes.

GentleBirth Covers:

Tools and Techniques
  • GentleBirth App Subscription (3months)
  • Comfort and Coping Tools and Techniques
  • The Roles Of The Birth Partner
  • Birth Preferences and Planning

Birth Options and Education
  • Communication With Care Providers
  • Evidence Based Information and Options
  • Interventions and Solutions and How To Tell the Difference
  • Natural and Medicated Birth Information

Focus and Brain Training
  • Navigating and Adapting To Changes
  • Sports Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Mindfulness For Birth and Parenting
  • Hypnosis and Guided Visualization

Upcoming Workshops:

4-Part Evening Workshop:

Private Workshops Are Available

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GentleBirth will guide you
to become more resilient and present
for a positive birth experience
and give you coping strategies
that you will continue to use in daily life
and throughout your parenting journey.

Private Classes Available

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New research suggests mindfulness
during pregnancy may have positive effects
on infant development through a reduction
of anxiety in pregnancy.
The benefits of mindfulness during
pregnancy not only promotes well-being
of the person who is pregnant
but also the developing child.

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"Anxiety softens when we can create a space between ourselves and what we're experiencing."
-S. Covey


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